Please share in our excitement and anticipation as we announce the merger of our 28 search practice with m/Oppenheim Associates, and our specialization in nonprofit search.

Superior Candidates / Top Performance

Since our first executive search in 1980, never once has a client asked us to deliver an average candidate. Our client companies always expect top performers with an outstanding combination of industry expertise, education and experience.

Phase I - Targeting Performance

Identifying the characteristics of top performance will serve as the basis of the first phase of the search. Santore Partners prepares and develops a unique series of questions and interrogatories for each candidate interview.

Phase II - Research

There is no substitute for professional research. Santore Partners employs the highest quality and combination of physical databases, professional researchers and a wide range of industry sourcing to discover and attract the top performing candidates for a position.

Phase III - Evaluation and Interview Protocol

The comparative and final assessments during this phase include qualitative and quantitative analysis which concludes in a compelling summary document.

IV - Referral

A list of the top candidates is prepared, summaries are created for each and résumé’s are delivered to our client for consideration, selection and interview.

Phase V - The Offer

At the discretion of the client, Santore Partners will assist with offer construction, delivery, negotiations and acceptance. Navigating through the offer process is a critical part of the search process and senior/master level search experience at this stage is of paramount importance.